The second council meeting for the month of June, scheduled for the 26th, is canceled. (The second meetings are scheduled for ‘as needed’ meetings at the beginning of the year.)

Letters will be going out to homeowners in West Easton with curbs/sidewalks that need work/repairs.

“All sidewalks, walkways, stairs, driveways, parking spaces and similar areas shall be kept in proper state of repair, and maintained free from hazardous conditions.” Section 302.3 of the International Property Maintenace Code, adopted by the Borough of West Easton.

If your sidealks are in need of repair, please take care of it!


Trees: Trimming/Pruning

Due to safety concerns for larger vehicles (buses, fire trucks, delivery trucks etc.), and as a courtesy to the pedestrian and vehicular traffic, street-side tree trimming needs to be routinely performed by the property owner. This also permits the proper maintenance of roads. To reduce the frequency of pruning, trees should be generally pruned beyond the curb or, to the edge of the right of way or, or a minimum of 3’ from the edge of the paved road surface maintaining a minimum clearance of 12’ above the road surface. Clearance above sidewalks should be a minimum of 8’ above the sidewalk surface.

The Fire Chief has turned over a list of properties with trees that are hanging too low into the streets. Letters will be going out to property owners soon. Please check your property and if you fall into this category take care of your trees/overgrowth as soon as possible. (On another note, sidewalks should be cleared for people to be able to easily pass through as well.)

Tree Pruning Diagram


picnic 2017 pub with liturgy 
UGI has scheduled work to replace the main gas line on Spring Street from Palmer Street to the Monument. The work is scheduled from June 5, 2017 to July 21, 2017. Click link above to see the planned work.
Donations to the West Easton Scholarship Association from businesses and individuals are always appreciated!
road work


The following roads will be resurfaced in the near future; we will update when we know the specific dates.

AMS plans to start this work at the end of July.

Ridge Street, from Mary’s Alley to Spring
Sterlingworth Terrace, from Avona to Mary’s Alley
Center Street, from Mary’s Alley to 9th
9th Street, from Center to cul-de-sac
10th Street, from Dead end to Low
Low Street, from Mary’s Alley to 9th

7th/Spring Street, from East to Iron


(Second Street is a separate project/repair. More information will be provided as we receive it.)



2016 Audit


2017 Council Meeting Dates and Times

West Easton Borough Council, Northampton County, will meet the 2nd Monday of each month for the year of 2017 and the 4th Monday of each month (as needed) for the year 2017. All Meetings and Workshops will be held at 6:30 pm, prevailing time, in Council Chambers, Borough Hall located at 237 7th Street, West Easton, Pennsylvania, 18042.




West Easton Safety First Ladies Auxiliary, scheduled events

The Ladies Auxiliary has a regularly scheduled Wednesday night Bingo.

They have also scheduled several special events throughout the year as well:

June 4th – Purse Bingo and Tricky Tray

July 16th – Kids Bingo

August 12th – Yard Sale/Flea Market (Rent tables inside or out)

November 19th – Holiday Bingo

Please call Donna for further information – 610-248-0451

Any opinions on the Proposed Quality of Life Ordinance, see link below, are appreciated by the Legal Committee. 
Tax Collector, 2017 Schedule 
The Tax Collector no longer has office hours at Borough Hall but may be reached at:
May 20, 2017 and October 14, 2017, 8:30am-2pm


2017 Approved  Budget


Snow Emergency Routes-Snow Removal

Please keep in mind we have ONE maintenance man, and sometimes a part-time guy to help out with plowing. They will get to your roads as soon as they can. They start with the snow emergency routes, followed by the hills, then main and secondary roads and finally alleys. As always, your patience is appreciated. 




School has started. If you’re not sure when to stop for a school bus please watch the little video linked below. 

When you MUST stop for a school bus


The Borough parks are here for your enjoyment and relaxation. Please make use of the trash receptacles.